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five with the same general symptoms the anuninl of urine was
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potash lemon juice iodide of potassium etc. and alkaline
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ing and heat are very great. He can take only fluids in small
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Severe cutaneous irritation is said to lead to pathological ctianges
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sles in two boys sick with the disease. The eruption appears
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which everywhere show far more cases of measles than of scarlet
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aut infans perit quamvis nonnihil aquae vel sanguinis etiam
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the lower syndrome comprised motor symptoms oi the lower n
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scribe to the statement of Loschner uttered more than thirty
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have badly consulted for themselves who have augmented the terror of death
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labor for the native woman anymore than for a man with colic or
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When she came to the hospital the pain and cough had ceased.
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children should be removed from the influence of the poison of
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garded as a special variety. It presents however no special
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which do nol persist during sleep. Occasionally the movements
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torticollis from inflammation of the cervical vertebrae caries of
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depressing the heart or dilating the vessels but iodides produce
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winter epidemic with retrocession from the respiratory organs Daniell Rufz
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from the patients that the activities of surgeons should
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who are specially interested in children s diseases or who are
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a gradual but steady recovery will take place. In other cases
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tlie following plan of treatment is to be followed. The patient
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and secretion of saliva. These ganglia may be paralysed either by
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tilation of the apartment by means of an open window or should
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war where great numbers of wounded were crowded together
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