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Strong arsenical pastes were at one time employed to dress cancerous
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dition of the renal vessels. These are constricted at first and the
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arises spontaneously under conditions not accurately determined.
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of common occurrence. When the small points of hemorrhage
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October th. The patient s mouth and lips are severly cauter
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especially those who drank Dublin milk. This test told only that
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individuals inoculated with small pox were as likely to infect
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universally prevalent in Farther India as well as on the Sunda
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Annoyances of these parts therefore are often first instituted
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pain in the back and great prostration. Very soon even in
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medical profession as.loy other State of like population and as
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fare. We honor the medical hero who turns aside from the ambi
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water was eminently indicated. The proper temperature was.from
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last a certain time a day even and then quickly rise again.
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ing at an early period and then appear as circular excavations
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a diverticulum extending to the base of the skull and related to
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patient s condition was becoming critical decided to seek
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child in the womb rather than put themselves in their hands.
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this temporary protective layer the more permanently pro
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aliquamdiu neque crescit amplius neque minuitur. Vero postea
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is well known the difficulties i s lt parating an enzyme from
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erably equal degree during long continuance of the prevalence of
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Potassium is present also in the foUowing salts whose action in no
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haemorrhage after which she was unable to move her left arm
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that even at the outset of the disease the kidneys are unmistak
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these observations. It spreads most quickly upon the back and
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human small pox lymph upon cows produces variola vaccinia
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ago since when she had had several children. He was not criti
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taneously into the peritoneal cavity. This protective or
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are sometimes found covered with half dried epidermis only par
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number of beds. He instanced that the Corporation pay
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about fourteen days later cases which however do not preclude
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ond attack in addition to the ordinary symptoms of scarlatina
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v k which are innervated best will perhaps remah coitS
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stand the difference in action lietween a cold bath and one of these
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In five cases oi trophic ulceration he succeeded five times. The
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their last decay they hang quivering and spinning ready to fall
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fortunately sucji an intense familj predisposition is excep
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tions of influenza with exanthemata such as miliaria roseola
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followed by numbness. This is succeeded in about half an hour
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cavities is found in erysipelas of the head and face for instance
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also involved which shows that the brain is affected and more

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